I still remember my excitement when I first bought a pocket camera; it was small, compact snap shot camera that I ended up using for like 2 years before I lost it. Which turned out to be a blessing in disguised because after that, I bought my first DSLR and now nearly 10 years after, I still click and am enjoying every aspect of it. I guess I found my passion in life.

Why do I like taking pictures for hotels or resort or food? Well, I guess it is a natural process of choice. With a degree in hospitality management and years of exposure in the industry; my professional interest in the hospitality world and food & beverage photography was born from a deep understanding of the industry itself. And of course because I love to photograph the beautiful things they have to offer. 

This website is my portfolio, and also my personal album with travel  stories and things that I love capturing with the camera. These images are the special ones because they are the reason why I like photography at the first place. Hope they take you to places my eyes enjoyed. 

I am originally from Indonesia. At 17 I left for France for my first adventure and since then I called Bali, Dubai, Istanbul, Sharm El Sheikh, Hua Hin, Goa, and now Osaka - home. I have been in Osaka, Japan since mid 2016 and trying to  convince locals I am not Japanese and don't speak Japanese, yet.

contact at: 

e-mail: contact@nadiagunardisurya.com / ndgunardi@yahoo.com

My pictures here are taken by Alok Johri. And my logo is designed by Saffron Wiehl

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